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    This 3ft 1/2"inch Oak Lambeg drum was made by James  Hewitt , the painting on the front depicting the founder of Drumsounds his older brother William Hewitt who past away August 1990.

    Drum-Sounds in 2008

    Mini Lambeg 5". If you cant have the real thing, this is for you.

     Drum Sounds was founded by Mr William Hewitt in 1985. This happened after many years of making Lambeg Drums, Bohdrans and producing bass drums and side drums for up and coming flute and accordian bands. All his early work took place in Charles South Street, Sandy Row, Belfast.

    William or Billy as he was known by his friends, was well known in the drum making business, as were his forefathers. The Hewitts were pioneers when it came to making and painting drums of any shape or size.

    Billy's father, William and his grandfather Mark started making drums in 1870. It is said that Mark Hewitt made the first ever drum out of two boards of oak measuring 71" in diameter by 61" width and this was paraded in Lambeg, County Antrim during the following Twelfth demonstration. Hence, the drum being called the Lambeg Drum. Billy realised there was a market for flute bands and accordian bands and so he progressed from making Lambeg Drums to making bass drums and side drums and supplying bands with their every need.

    As it goes, Drum Sounds itself was founded and established at 96 Sandy Row Belfast. In 1991, Mr Hewitt passed away and left generations of family business to be carried on in the traditional manner by Maureen Hewitt, Billy's wife and their first grandson, William Jnr. Since then the business has went from strength to strength supplying bands around the World, and continue to make and paint drums and supply bands with their every need - from their boots to their hats...


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    Handmade 14" Lambeg Drums
    Complete with sticks and straps:

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